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mamba size 5 multi buy 5 packs


The Mamba Ball has a unique, innovative grip design which gives you extra control to perfect your mamba skills. You also receive a pump and skills instruction leaflet in the gift box.


  • Improve your first touch, close control and skills
  • Enjoy your football training more
  • Make your coaching more effective
  • Practice freestyle – play football


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mamba size 5 multi buy 5 packs

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when you purchase the mamba ball you also get a free pump and tricks instruction leaflet, so you can start perfecting your mamba skills the moment the football arrives.

Additional Information

Package Weight 0.75 kg
Unique Features Unique grip zones
FIFA regulation size and weight (size 5)
Ball weighs 450 grams
Scientifically tested at Sheffield University, UK
Premium 3 ply construction
mamba size 5 multi buy 5 packs

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